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My Inspiration
Today I felt like writing a summary of the many reasons I love to create Anthropomorphic characters, and tell stories using them.

Through my time creating my own stories, I have come across many other people who also love to tell the same kind of stories.

I wonder how many people there are who love Anthropomorphic characters for the same reasons I do.

I would love to know the opinions of people who also love Anthropomorphic characters, and the reasons each of my watchers and friends on deviantart discovered and became interested in that art form.

Feel free to let me know in the comment section why each of you take interest in Anthropomorphic characters, since I would love to know more about my wonderful watchers. I am sure you all probably have many stories to tell ...
The Carwaileon Laboratory
A Laboratory in Rayem Industries where Robots are designed and manufactured by the Overseer.

These are three Carwaileon characters who's designs are based on Characters from the Sonic SatAM Cartoon and Comics.

The Background reference for the Carwaileon Laboratory in this picture is a screenshot taken from the movie "Robots"
Carwailea Season 9
20 Years later, Rayem and Riza now live in a much more technologically advanced Carwailea, where Robots and new amazing inventions have been introduced into their world ...
Carwailea Season 8
Technology in Carwailea begins to move forward as the Galactic War continues, and Riza makes many new friends ...
Carwailea Season 7
As the Galactic War continues, Riza meets many new people during her journeys, and makes many new enemies and friends ...
Carwailea Season 6
Maderus, a world eating entity from another universe attempts to devour Planet Vissorith and Carwailea, and becomes the largest threat to the galaxy the galactic unity has ever come across ...
Hello to all my watchers and friends on deviantart! There is something I felt like writing down today, just for the sake of getting it off my chest.

Don’t worry its not at all sad, its actually kind of funny! :D (Big Grin) 

I would like to share how I feel about the very nice people on deviantart and the people around me in general.

I feel so happy that I have friends in this world, and have met so many nice people who take interest in my Carwailea project, but I feel that it is rather difficult for me to completely adjust to the way most people think. Not in a bad way, just in a way that makes me feel strangely older than I should at the age of 18 because of the fictional second life I have lived on Carwailea as my Carwaileon persona, Rayem.

Rayem is currently over 50 years old, and has experienced adventure, war, peace, friendship, love, marriage, and even raising children.

Even as my real self, I feel like I have lived so long and feel like an old soul, yet I am still young and not yet capable of so many things most Humans can do because of the fact that I’m still only 18 in my real life.

I think it all changed for me when in my Carwailea life, my persona Rayem had children with Riza.
It was the most wonderful and beautiful experience of my life as Rayem, so wonderful that it even changed my perception of things in the real world.

I cannot ever be the same again since I became a father as Rayem. I feel that I need to protect and care for everyone and everything I hold dear, just like a parent. I feel like a Dad all the time,
even when it is not at all necessary.

Strangely, I somehow feel like a father all the time. I feel old. I feel strangely mature, and it conflicts with my surroundings in the real world, as I am still only 18 years old in reality and shouldn't really be thinking of things like a father yet.

I really shouldn’t feel like a father yet, but I do. I feel like a father all the time to almost everyone. I feel fatherly towards most of my friends, even though many of them are older than me. It is quite funny. Giggle 

But still, as confusing as my strange mind is, The fatherly emotions I am experiencing is still a beautiful feeling, but it is all from fiction, but if it is fiction, can it still count if it feels no less real to me than reality? ...

Do my fictional years in Carwailea count in my real life too in terms of wisdom and how old I feel? ...

I guess that is something I still have to find out.

But I honestly do not think much of it either way. I feel like an old soul, and I am happy with who I am, no matter how unusual my mind is for an 18 year old Human.

I think what is most important to any person is to be happy and comfortable with who they are.

I certainly am, and I hope all of my kind watchers and friends on deviantart are comfortable with who they are too. It is always good to be happy, and proud of who you are. :) (Smile)


Carwailea's Profile Picture
Dylan Rosen
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Carwailea is a small team of artists. A friend of mine draws the characters on flash, but he doesn't have a deviantart account. He takes full credit for the final drawings, but I make the basic designs in sketches for him to add detail and color when the sketch is brought into flash. As for the 3d models, I just design those characters on a program called Facerig and animate them. Hopefully Carwailea's team will expand soon. I'm sure I can find more friends who can draw and animate on flash.

(The following link is to my YouTube account)


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